Wednesday, February 25, 2009

80 degrees & lovin' it!!!

Today was a beautiful day so Cade and i went ot the park for some what i call "wear em' out" time!!! He loves the park, the slide and the swings are his favorite!!

Peek a Boo!!

The bridge rocked back and forth- he kept saying"rocky, rocky"

One, two , THREEEEEE!!

Mommy see i fowers for u??

Is that my shadow??

Potty time

Okay so for the past week or so Cade has been trying to take his diaper off alot. And at first i kept saying
'Cade do not take your diaper off, its dirty in there", until i realized that he doesn't like the "mess" in there touching him. Praise the Lord, he has been going to the bathroom on the Big Boy Potty off and on for 3-4 months, but not consistant, so were goin for it this time!!! This morning i went to Target and got him a seat to put on the potty bc he kept slipping and im over the training potty. Then it was off to the training pants, as u can see he thinks they're soooo cool!! If any of ya'll have any suggestions on how u did it, please let me know???

Monday, February 23, 2009

If cousin Kai won't wear them, i will...

Today i had to go to a class for work, so my sister in law so kindly watched my son for a few hours, this is what she emailed me when i got home... She said Cade had to try all of Kai's hats on and this was his favorite!!! I just want to eat him up!!! But at least he had fun, and they didn't completely wear Amanda out, thanks AuNt BaBanda- YOu're ThE bEsT!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bestfriend a girl could have!!!

February has been such a busy, birthday filled month for our family and friends, and March isn't going to slow down much.....  But we have had so much fun attending all the parties.  Last tuesday was my bestfriend Kimberly's b-day, so on Saturday she decided to have people over at her house to hang out, but it kinda turned into a b-day party.  Anyway Chad and i had a great time, as always, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shoppin' in Town Square

This morning Cade and i went shopping in Southlake, and of course we had to take a little time out for the COOL fountain!! All i kept hearing was " i need pennis mommy, i need pennies". Ok Ok to save my sanity we made a pit stop for some free, fun entertainment!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tiffany's bracelet #1

I have to share a funny, but not so funny story that happened yesterday... So i get home from work and the hubs is watching tv on the couch, when i turn the corner to see my flowers sitting on the counter from Cade, and immediately my heart is warmed from the thoughtfulness. So as i approach the flowers i see what looks like something from Tiffany's!!!!!! woah hoooooo. Ok Lyndee act calm, don't throw your hands up and start singing, act normal.... But for some reason when i got closer it started to look familiar, like my bracelet i LOST, yes Lost.. Ok first of all i just want to share that im and very particular and responsible with my belongings, so for me to think i had Lost it, was crazy. Well i gave it about 2 months of searching and searching, and searching. So at that point i knew i had to tell my husband(who got it for me) that i had Lost my beloved tiffany's bracelet:( Well when i told him i actually think i got the silent treatment for over 2 days... enough said.....
But as the months approached Christmas i began to write my Christmas list and at the bottom in the sweetest writing i could, i sweetly scribbled "a new tiffany's bracelet"
And believe it or not he got it for me, i think i actually might have done a little dance when i opened it, ok i didn't i screammed!!!!!!!!!!! Ok mind u its been 1 year that its been gone, well when i saw the old one sitting on the counter i thought i might want to sink into the ground for the time being, but instead i so sweetly said ohhh my gosh honey where in the world did u find this?????????
The response: Are u ready for this??.. Um in a tiffany's box, in the safe.... in the Safe Lyndee of all places... Ok sooooooooo like i was saying about me being responsible, i had put it in the box, in the safe last year before we moved so i wouldn't lose it, What are the odds??? So now i have 2, but they're different so i guess ill just keep both??!!!!

Showered with Flowers


Chad sent me these flowers to the salon yesterday, and then came up there for a last minute haircut.. love for him to visit me at work.  Then when i got home Cade had flowers for me too, with a sweet card and my favorite, laffy taffy.. THANKS TO THE 2 MOST IMPORTANT MEN IN MY LIFE!!

Valentines dinner!!!

Haley and i at the Reata in Fortworth
Kimberly and Marc
Haley and Zeke
Me and the Hubs

Thanks guys, yall did a great job planning dinner for us, a nice suprise!!  Food was great, and lots of laughs..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember when....

who doesnt love chubby armpits??
sleepin in daddys arms(the lenght of chads torso)
Mommy & daddy praying over me as soon as i got here

I was looking through some picts. of Cade when he was an itty bitty baby,(5'13) and thought id share a few sweet picts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mommy, me and HATS

Me and mommy
Cade and his "best doggie" friend

lets GO

Today i had alot of earands to run, so i threw on some make-up, and a hat and was ready to go... until Cade says to me mommy, daddy wears hats??.. And i proceeded to tell him that mommy can wear hats too. So i asked him, how do i look, he says, ummm good, can i wear mine, so off we went in our hats.....

Happy, Happy Birthday Tory!

My bros(me in front, Chad behind my face, and Tory holding my legs)
I posted something to my brother Chad 2 weeks ago for his birthday, and today is my other brother Tory's birthday, so Tory i hope u have a great birthday!!! U're the other best brother a sis could have!!!!!! I'm so lucky i have such great brothers, i hope all of yall have wonderful sibblings!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday dinner!!

left to right: Kimberly, me, Hailey
Birthday boy
Chad and i in the car on the way

Saturday night Chad and i went to Marc's birthday dinner, which is my best girlfriends boyfriend.  We ate at this new resturant called Fireside Pies, it was awesome.  The food there is served family style and its PIZZA, love me some pizza.  Hope u had a great birthday marc!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The perfect tan, without being orange!!!

I don't know if any of u have ever done the "mistic" tanning, and come out looking like a big orange... Well i went the other day and the tanning place by my work has this new spray tan called, Versa Spa... its amazing, ure in the booth for only 45 seconds and yr done, on yr way and on with yr day.. how does it look on my face???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The kid loves KETCHUP

I don't know if your children love ketchup, but this kid will dip anything in ketchup. Here he is throughly enjoying his hotdog, and mac n cheese.

Projects, that keep us busy...

I finally finished out the bed in the guset bedroom
Cades new dresser, to start his "Big Boy" collection

Our new entertainment center from World Market

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAD!!!(my bro., not my hubby)

Just wanted to let u know u are one of two of the best brothers in the world, really!! I love u. Bird

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothin' like being with Family & Friends for the Superbowl

Chad and i posing after losing "Texas Hold em"
Ty, Cade, and Tanner taking a break from the dirt pile

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting ready for the superbowl party???

As you can see my husband is resting up for the BIG game, warning ladies: dont buy your husband an itouch, theyre like little boys, my husband has been racing some sports car for ohh about an hour.....