Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mommy, me and HATS

Me and mommy
Cade and his "best doggie" friend

lets GO

Today i had alot of earands to run, so i threw on some make-up, and a hat and was ready to go... until Cade says to me mommy, daddy wears hats??.. And i proceeded to tell him that mommy can wear hats too. So i asked him, how do i look, he says, ummm good, can i wear mine, so off we went in our hats.....

Happy, Happy Birthday Tory!

My bros(me in front, Chad behind my face, and Tory holding my legs)
I posted something to my brother Chad 2 weeks ago for his birthday, and today is my other brother Tory's birthday, so Tory i hope u have a great birthday!!! U're the other best brother a sis could have!!!!!! I'm so lucky i have such great brothers, i hope all of yall have wonderful sibblings!!!