Monday, May 18, 2009

Hangin out with Gampa at the hospital

Sunday Chad and i took Cade up to the hospital for the first time to see Gampa, and we talked about how Gampa had a big bandaid on his nose, but that it was just a boo boo and the doctors fixed it.... But when he saw him he still wasn't sure , it took about an hour and then he wanted to give him a hug and a kiss.... he really loves his Gampa!!!! So soon enough he wanted a Kiss from Gampa
BIG HUG...( try not to squeeze toooo hard...)
Peelin an orange with Gama, Gampa shared it with him, but Cade ended up gettin most of it:)

We put Cades jammies on, and we turned around to find "someone" cozyed up on Gampa's bed, eatin some snacks....

It looked so comfy Chad and I decided to plop down after...

Gampa: lookin good an Gama (his wonderful wife, whos bent over backwards thru the whole thing)

Thanks so much for all the prayers, Daryl is going hm wednsday, and will have to rest for 6 wks, but is healthy and well.... THANK U JESUS FOR MIRACLES!!!!!