Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up on last week, Chad and i took vac. to spend a little time with our BOY!!!

We went to southlake town center and ate at "Five Guys burgers and fries". Oooo ggeeezzze the best burgers ever and i dont even really like burgers... my boys! Then of course i had to make my way to " Francescas" boutique, love it!!! So Chad took Cade over to the fountain, always a hit.
This was Chad and i at the Rangers game with a bunch of friends, but i couldn't really see what was going on bc come to find out after 3 visits to the ER i had a piece of dirt that had dug into my cornea, NICE HUHH.. but it better thank u Jesus..My bestest friend and half of my head

Cade doin what he does best drink his "chocy milk", and sportin his new Nerf sandles, mom kinda has a matching obsession with everything matching, i mean everything..

Daddy and Cade workin hard in Nana's backyard, Chad had to level out a mound of dirt, and Cade sat on it with him for the time it took me to go get my hair done and have lunch, yeeeahhh

Mom, seriously we're workin get the camera out of my face.....

So all in all our vacation was wonderful, but never long enough. Cade is not happy we had to get back to work, but having a 2 yr old is so much fun, and i couldn't ask for more, i had to have a little surgery while i was off and he did it all , gosh i love this man, i hope u have a wonderful husband u can brag about to!!!!!