Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Wedding!!!!

Finally entering, after 10 miles of nothin but corn fields...
But ohhhh so worth it, what a beautiful place!!!
Chad and I's room, so cool!
wedding day.. doesn't the hubs look so handsome?? love him all cowboyed up.
These oldies were sitting all over the ranch, neat..
This was only half of the lodge, cedar posts, and every room had a different theme.
I had to put this pict. in, this is my sweet hubs, suppose to be writting his speech....
Me and my bestfriend!!
waterfall from the pond, where the paddle boats were, chad and i went out on them one morning, so romantic, its the little things u know??
Shawna and i, we went to high school together
The boys, and the groom

The wedding was a blast, and so, so , beautiful, if ure ondering why i have none with the bride, its because yes my battery died as she was walking down the isle... serious, i almost cried:( And after we danced ohh for 6 hrs, i thought someone had tried to tear my knee caps apart in the middle of the night...  not as young as i think i am.. haha  p.s. ill post more pict later my computer is so slowwwww tonight.