Monday, March 30, 2009

Cade's 2nd Birthday!!

Cade sang happy birthday to himself, while everybody else sang it him....happy birfday tooo me"

Happy Birthday Cade!!!!!

Not sure what i was saying, this is a pillow from cabelas, its a fishing cute

Ahhhh and theres the two cousins with uncle Tory, they're his pride and joy for sure...

Haley, Kimberly, and (8mon. pregnant) Amanda

gosh she looks good

My boy, geeze can't believe yr 2 - i love u!
i could just eat up the faces he gives these days, huh??

My hubby in the blue, and my brother in law in the white(coy)
Coy told me after the party thanks for inviting us, it was great birth control... haha

The party

Sweet Noah

Yummm thats gooooodddd
(nephew Kai)

For Cade's b-day we decided to do a 'BUG OUT" party since the child lovesssssss bugs. So the cupcakes had crushed orioes, and a worms on the top, as u can see they were a hit!!! We had the party at our house inside, bc of the cold weather, with about 25-30 people including kids, alotttt, but we had a blast.... Cade got lots of dump trucks, loaders, and outside toys for the summer...