Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok so my father in law has found out that he has a small tumor on his brain, they don't know much yet until they get in there and actually see it.  He is a very healthy, fit 51 yr old, and the doctor doesn't think its anything serious, but that they need to remove it off the brain, i don't know to many details, but the surgery is Friday, and it's a 4 to 8 hour surgery, i will be going with my hubby's family to be there with them.  Chad and i know that "God has already healed his dad, and that the tumor is gone in Jesus name",  so im asking if ya'll would stand in prayer with me for him(Daryl), that Gods hands are with those surgeons every step of the way, and that this so called tumor is NOT  cancerous, nor anything that will hinder his life.
                         Thank u for standing with me, ill keep u updated...

The Joy it brings me being a MOTHER!!!!

Ok so this is a bad and sideways picture of my mothers day present, but ill explain, the long charm has Cade engraved on it, on one side is his birthstone charm(march), and on the other is a solid heart, the charms laying on each side, dont fit, i have to get bigger rings put on them, but one is a heart with a dark center and a bronze bal in it( cute), and the other says LOVE and is hollow.  Chad can't stand to get ne stuff i won't like or that i have to return, so on another blog i found this website Hearts on your Wrist, i think is the name of it..... cute gift stuff,  sooo needless to say i ordered my gif, but i love love love it!!!! And i can put it on any chain, so i only ordered charms, cause they weren't exactly cheap, and fyi they're alot smaller in person, than on the site.
I had to work on Saturday, and "little man" was with daddy cause he got off work(nice), so they ran errands for mommy, cleaned, did laundry, and had these roses for me when i got home...  Made me smile, i had kinda a rough week, lets just say the devil was tryin to get his foot in but don't worry he didn't succeed.  Then this morning these 2 cards were on the bar, very sweet, Chad always picks the perfect one, the one from Cade was so great, lets just say Chad only changes poopy ones when he has to, like when im not around, he actually almost gags, PLEASE.. anyway, it was thanking me for always lovin him enough for doin that. 

We spent mothers day Sat. night with the in-laws, they had a barbecue, so all in all we had a great weekend, i hope someone took the time to bless u on this mothers day!!!