Thursday, May 28, 2009

A very busy Memorial Day weekend.....

So Saturday night was Alicia's bachelorette party, (didn't get a pict. with her),we went to Joe T's, and of course had a blast!!! The hubs was sweet enough to keep Cade so i could have some girl time, it was much needed....
Sunday we went to church, and then to moms for lunch, the ususal, but since it starting raining cats and dogs, the boys begged to go play in it.... So of course uncle Tory was like SURE U CAN... thank uuuuu  uncle tory, but they had so much fun!!!
Cade makin a run for it!!
Kai takin a second to smile for the cam
FINALLY, my first picture with the new GIRL in the family, we were talkin about what we were gonna do with all that hair, swoop bangs? hilights?? (well her aunt lyndee is a hairstylist)
Me and Kenlee girl
Nothin sweeter than new baby sleepin
Oh i had to get this picture, when we left my moms on sunday, we took Kai with us so Amanda could get some rest, and we let the boys play a little longer, then it was nap time.  I took Cade in and put him down and Chad's job was putting Kai down in the guest bedroom, but look who got a nap too...  so cute...
Uncle Chad and Kai snoozin

This is a 4 generation picture of great grampa, Gampa, Chad , and Cade.  the only reason im in it is because it was 8 oclock melt down, as u can see on his face.....
And now its a new week, and im exhausted, but it doesn't look like this coming up weekend is going to be just as busy, weddings and family in town.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

My new baseball glove!!!!!

This evening we went up to hang out at Gama and Gampa's, and Gampa had bought Cade a new baseball glove and ball, wow was he excitted!!!!  He learned how to hold his glove up to catch it, and STEP and then THROW, he did really well, and the boys got an arm...

Soooo proud of my new glove:)
U play catch with me mommy????
Yeahhhhh i caught it!!!!!!!
My angel and me, takin a break
Then daddy came out, and it was all about  "guy time"
I just had to take some pictures of their property, its so peaceful, and really beautiful..
Sun going down in their backyard

Hope everyone has a safe and restful memorial day weekend!!!!!

Fun day at the park

Since Miss Kenlee has been here, ive tried to go get Kai as much as i can to be of any help, i know i would appreciate it if i had 2 children...  So wednsday Cade and i picked him up around 10am, went to the park for some fun in the sun, and let me tell u they wore me out, i think i pushed them in the swings for 30 min., then it was off to the slides, and over the bridges and under the bridges....  Well after 2 hrs i was pooped, so it was time for lunch, so off course when i asked the what they wanted, they both responded.... MCDONALDS!!!!! So got some chicky nuggets and french fries, and headed to Nana's to eat outside....  After lunch we drew pictures on the sidewalk with some chalk (which was short lived), they want to be in the dirt,or pushin their dump trucks...  go figure??...  And by 3, which was way past nap time, we cleaned up, had a popsicle and called it a day..  But all in all i had a good time hangin with my boys:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


May 16th Miss Kenlee finally entered this world, around 6 in the morning..  Ok i have to give major credit to my sister in law Amanda, she gave birth naturally, no totally naturally, (v-back), Kai was a c-section, and delivered Kenlee in 2 hrs!!!  Yes i said 2 hours with no medicine, now thats amazing, i cant beleive i dont have a ny pictures with her yet, but momma is still adjusting, so i've actually benn hangin out with Mr. Kai more, tryin to give momma a break..  Soon i WILL have more picts of her, shes beautiful!!!!!!
Ok this is a small picture, and doeasnt do her justice, and yes that is one of ohhhh  10 bows i made her, love them!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hangin out with Gampa at the hospital

Sunday Chad and i took Cade up to the hospital for the first time to see Gampa, and we talked about how Gampa had a big bandaid on his nose, but that it was just a boo boo and the doctors fixed it.... But when he saw him he still wasn't sure , it took about an hour and then he wanted to give him a hug and a kiss.... he really loves his Gampa!!!! So soon enough he wanted a Kiss from Gampa
BIG HUG...( try not to squeeze toooo hard...)
Peelin an orange with Gama, Gampa shared it with him, but Cade ended up gettin most of it:)

We put Cades jammies on, and we turned around to find "someone" cozyed up on Gampa's bed, eatin some snacks....

It looked so comfy Chad and I decided to plop down after...

Gampa: lookin good an Gama (his wonderful wife, whos bent over backwards thru the whole thing)

Thanks so much for all the prayers, Daryl is going hm wednsday, and will have to rest for 6 wks, but is healthy and well.... THANK U JESUS FOR MIRACLES!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Praise the Lord for caring nurses......

Today is Saturday(2nd after surgery)and Daryl is doing so well, he can sit up, watch tv, and isnt even bruised from surgery.  They told us that he could look like a Mac truck hit him, but nope, he looks just as good as when he went into surgery!!!  So after work Chad and i headed up to the hospital to see him and we decided he need a sponge bath, so we got him all cleaned up and clean shaven, hes good as new now.  Lastnight i couldn't thank God enough for His love and grace, everybody at the hospital has taken care of him so nicely.  But we know that the only reason for all of the surgery going the way it did was clearly the GRACE OF GOD..  

Friday, May 15, 2009


Praise the Lord, is all i have to say.....Our prayers, and yours work in miraculous ways!!!  Daryl has had his surgery and in recovery now and doing very well.  The surgeon said all went well and they were able to remove all the tumor.  ALL THE TUMOR..  YEAHHHHH!!  I wont lie i was a little emotional this morning but God was definitley with those surgeons, they were awesome... so ill keep yall posted..  im going to see him now.

I think i've found a new love.... Diaper Cakes

Lastnight i started the "imfamous" diaper cake....  My bestfriend Kimberly's sister in law is having a sweet little boy, and i told her i would take on the task.  I have made a few now and the first time i made one i thought this is so hard, and maticulous, im never doing it again...  But low and behold i did again and again, and now i love making them.  But once i get started i can't stop, i started around 8 lastnight, and in between feeding my child dinner, bathing him, and putting him to bed i finally finished at midnight, not bad..                "THE FINISHED PRODUCT"
What do u think???  Maybe i should start a business???  HaHa

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonder who he gets his shoe fetish from??????

This evening we headed up to Gama and Gampa's, to visit with Aunt Donna and Great great Gampa who are in visiting, to be here for Daryl's surgery on Friday.  Cade found Gama's new neon yellow Nike Shocks, and had to wear them...  He will walk around for hours in any new shoe, no matter the size.  It's so cute, at least i think it is, but daddy isn't so fond of it because he knows the LOVE i have for shoes.. oopps( and yes his shirt says"I GET MY MUSCLES FROM MY DAD.")

Don't get in my way, mom im busssyyyyyyy!!!!
See ya later guys!!!!!????.......
Hey mom, u think they have these in my size?? i kinda like em!!
Now thats a cute kid:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok so my father in law has found out that he has a small tumor on his brain, they don't know much yet until they get in there and actually see it.  He is a very healthy, fit 51 yr old, and the doctor doesn't think its anything serious, but that they need to remove it off the brain, i don't know to many details, but the surgery is Friday, and it's a 4 to 8 hour surgery, i will be going with my hubby's family to be there with them.  Chad and i know that "God has already healed his dad, and that the tumor is gone in Jesus name",  so im asking if ya'll would stand in prayer with me for him(Daryl), that Gods hands are with those surgeons every step of the way, and that this so called tumor is NOT  cancerous, nor anything that will hinder his life.
                         Thank u for standing with me, ill keep u updated...

The Joy it brings me being a MOTHER!!!!

Ok so this is a bad and sideways picture of my mothers day present, but ill explain, the long charm has Cade engraved on it, on one side is his birthstone charm(march), and on the other is a solid heart, the charms laying on each side, dont fit, i have to get bigger rings put on them, but one is a heart with a dark center and a bronze bal in it( cute), and the other says LOVE and is hollow.  Chad can't stand to get ne stuff i won't like or that i have to return, so on another blog i found this website Hearts on your Wrist, i think is the name of it..... cute gift stuff,  sooo needless to say i ordered my gif, but i love love love it!!!! And i can put it on any chain, so i only ordered charms, cause they weren't exactly cheap, and fyi they're alot smaller in person, than on the site.
I had to work on Saturday, and "little man" was with daddy cause he got off work(nice), so they ran errands for mommy, cleaned, did laundry, and had these roses for me when i got home...  Made me smile, i had kinda a rough week, lets just say the devil was tryin to get his foot in but don't worry he didn't succeed.  Then this morning these 2 cards were on the bar, very sweet, Chad always picks the perfect one, the one from Cade was so great, lets just say Chad only changes poopy ones when he has to, like when im not around, he actually almost gags, PLEASE.. anyway, it was thanking me for always lovin him enough for doin that. 

We spent mothers day Sat. night with the in-laws, they had a barbecue, so all in all we had a great weekend, i hope someone took the time to bless u on this mothers day!!! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How thankful i am to be a mother:)

My sweet angel, was perfect in my belly, and perfect when he got here, sooo small 5 lbs. 13oz.
Minutes after i delivered him, its crazy how they come out secreaming, and the minute they put him in my arms he stopped, he knew it was his mamma...
Due any day, i didn't do belly picts.(wish i would have), so Chad snapped a few in Cades nursery, just days before my due date, as u can see...
Cade had just started walking(11months), and had already found his most favorite toys ever at that age, tupperware!!!!
Still my favorite place in the whole world for him to be, in my arms, he was actually sick in this picture, but lots of lovin' is what he needed:(
OOOHHHH, don't u just want to kiss that face, got his daddy's big brown eyes, love them!!  Oh and i love beanies, so he pretty much sported them all winter.....
Hope ya'll enjoyed just a few pictures of my little angel entering this world, and growing up way to fast.  He's 2 now and such a mama's boy, won't lie i LOVE it pretty much all the time!!!  And the blessing it is to be a mother, words can not describe.  Children are life changing, but in the most perfect way ever!!!  I pray all the mothers out there, mothers to be, or those believeing for babies, have a wonderfully, blessed MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up on last week, Chad and i took vac. to spend a little time with our BOY!!!

We went to southlake town center and ate at "Five Guys burgers and fries". Oooo ggeeezzze the best burgers ever and i dont even really like burgers... my boys! Then of course i had to make my way to " Francescas" boutique, love it!!! So Chad took Cade over to the fountain, always a hit.
This was Chad and i at the Rangers game with a bunch of friends, but i couldn't really see what was going on bc come to find out after 3 visits to the ER i had a piece of dirt that had dug into my cornea, NICE HUHH.. but it better thank u Jesus..My bestest friend and half of my head

Cade doin what he does best drink his "chocy milk", and sportin his new Nerf sandles, mom kinda has a matching obsession with everything matching, i mean everything..

Daddy and Cade workin hard in Nana's backyard, Chad had to level out a mound of dirt, and Cade sat on it with him for the time it took me to go get my hair done and have lunch, yeeeahhh

Mom, seriously we're workin get the camera out of my face.....

So all in all our vacation was wonderful, but never long enough. Cade is not happy we had to get back to work, but having a 2 yr old is so much fun, and i couldn't ask for more, i had to have a little surgery while i was off and he did it all , gosh i love this man, i hope u have a wonderful husband u can brag about to!!!!!