Monday, March 30, 2009

Cade's 2nd Birthday!!

Cade sang happy birthday to himself, while everybody else sang it him....happy birfday tooo me"

Happy Birthday Cade!!!!!

Not sure what i was saying, this is a pillow from cabelas, its a fishing cute

Ahhhh and theres the two cousins with uncle Tory, they're his pride and joy for sure...

Haley, Kimberly, and (8mon. pregnant) Amanda

gosh she looks good

My boy, geeze can't believe yr 2 - i love u!
i could just eat up the faces he gives these days, huh??

My hubby in the blue, and my brother in law in the white(coy)
Coy told me after the party thanks for inviting us, it was great birth control... haha

The party

Sweet Noah

Yummm thats gooooodddd
(nephew Kai)

For Cade's b-day we decided to do a 'BUG OUT" party since the child lovesssssss bugs. So the cupcakes had crushed orioes, and a worms on the top, as u can see they were a hit!!! We had the party at our house inside, bc of the cold weather, with about 25-30 people including kids, alotttt, but we had a blast.... Cade got lots of dump trucks, loaders, and outside toys for the summer...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Me and the table arrangement
The Hit....

nothin like pink roses, the little girl!!!
my mom and i
My hubby helping before the arrival of women...
My first cupcake tower to tackle, it was so fun and so easy

this was a sonogram picture i printed out of Kenlee's face, the frame says, Diamond's may be precious, but daughters are priceless....

Need i say more??????

My mother and i made her 2 baskets, this i one of them...

Amanda's thrown!!!

Amanda's mom did this... it was the carriage and dolly Amanda pushed around as a little girl, it turned out so precious!

Iceing the cupcakes, yes my mother and i tackled making 75 cupcakes(52 were invited) iceed them and put black "K"s on them
mom making pasta salad sat. night... what would we do without our mothers???
Finally finished all the cookie favors, yeahhhhhhh

Yes this is what my son had for dinner Fri. night, a cookie, and he got to lick the spindles off the mixer, yummmm thanks mom!!!
Cookie favors, what do u think???
When it all began, fri. the 20th made 105 sugar cookies as a thanku for coming iceed, and put her initials on 50, wrapped them up and tied them in sweet ribbon(up till midnight...)

Just three of the 7 SWEET hat and headbands i made her;)

The topper to the diaper cake

The ohhhh so girly diaper cake i made, and had so much fun with it!!
I seem to get more creative everytime.

Saw this cute sign on a blog i visit "Our Journey" and attempted to make my own...

The reason why i haven't blogged in a while, i've been busy, busy, busy.... I posted about throwing my sister in law a baby shower and now that it has come and gone i will share with u the pictures and projects!!!! All in all it was a great shower, ive given 4 other baby showers but for all boys, it was so fun to do PINK!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where has the time gone, my little cowboy.....

I can not believe yr going to be 2 next Saturday, it doesn't seem possible. I'm so proud of all u can do.
*count to 12 really good, and to 20 some days
*know all your animals and the sounds they make.. even dragon flies
*yr potty training and doing soooo well
*u say please and thank u 
*u can ride yr tri-cycle by yourself
*u can tell me almost everything thats going on in all yr books
*say yr prayers before all meals, and bedtime  ( so precious)
*u have conversations with us all day, make sentences, and say at least 400 words or more, (whats that?) is yr favorite

I could go on and on, you are the sparkle in our eyes , and the light in our hearts, u are so wonderfully made.  U make us proud every single day in all u can do.. mommy and daddy love u more than words can say, Thank u Jesus for blessing us with this beautiful life, that continues to teach how to love more each day!  We love u Cade!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I want to be just like my daddy..

Ok daddy, i'll help!!!!
I'll get the grass by my slide, k daddy??..
Here i come, wait for me.....

Finally... All done, weeehhh its alot of work, but someone has to do it, right??

Sunday was really nice, so when Cade woke up from a nap he immediately heard the lawn mower and outside we went. Daddy i'll help he kept saying, so off he went, right behind daddy, making sure to get anything he left behind. These moments are so sweet i just sat there and not able to keep a smile off my face, yep thats my BABY boy mowin the grass with his daddy..:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our trip to the mall of many exciting things

First we took a ride on the carosel in the food court, i always dread this, i hate going in circles, but Cade loves it of course..
Then we had to take a picture with "BIG" lizard
(notice the look on his face, there was a big allegater to his right in water, so he wanted to make sure he kept his eye on him, i kept telling him its ok, it's JUST PRETEND, so he kept telling me its ok mommy it's JUST PRETEND... so sweet
P.S.S Do u see the book in his hand, we made atrip to the mall bc he loves this book and when he was little he tore the pages out of the other one, but the child reads it everyday, if u don't have it i would recommend getting it, its a cute book, its called I'LL LOVE U FOREVER..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im soooo BIG.... and i Love 4 wheelers

This weekend while we were up at my in laws for mine and my brotherin laws bday celebration the boys got some 4 wheeler time, and Cade loved it... completely fearless.. um im not sure if i should be happy or sad that hes hangin with boys?... We had alot of fun and i have to admit i kinda liked riding too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Today is my birthday, the big 26!!!  Yeah i know not a big milestone, but it was a good one.   I have to admit thought i did enjoy being 25 and could have stayed 25 at least one more year.  Anyway starting Sun. we went over to my in laws and had dinner with a bunch of friends, and did small gifts( i got this big candle that say's "Bless this Home"  in old wire pressed into it, soooo cute.  Then Mon. night my oldest brother had my side of the family over for brauts( my request) and grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans, and CUPCAKES!!!  I've been running every night for the last week, only a mile a night, but when i got done eating my brother Chad, mind u hes a health guru, says to me "well i guess u blew that run outta the water"  thanks bro.........  So today when i got up I had two sweet cards from my hubby, and sweet baby, that just brightened my day!! thanks boys...  
So off to work i went, when i got to work Haley had a cute balloon on my station and gave me a gift card, and Kimberly made me her special cake..... The best white cake eva, and home made icing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And a gift card I LOVE GIFT CARDS!!!  Thanks girls.  And every year certain people text me to say happy birthday, but today i had 15, yes 15 text messages saying happy birthday, thanks ya'll!!!
I actually got off a little early considering it was my latenight, so i text my mother in law to let her know i was on my way, and she said, we're not there, just read the note......  Okkkk so when i got hm to this cute note in cades handwritting , note that cade is only almost two, that said mommy, at gamas pickin weeds be home later, happy birthday  i love u soooooo much........  ahh make me melt.
So i threw on my running shoes and went for my run, i was able to do some laundry, clean a little, shower, and watch american idol, until my sweet boy arrived with this little fake rose from the gas station(i wouldnt care if it was off the side of the road) and handed it to me saying hApPY BIrfDaY MoMMy, I wUv u.  That had to be the best part of my birthday!!!
Thank u everyone for making my birthday special!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet baby girl, how i love u already!!!!

My sister in law is having a sweet baby girl in May, and im throwing the shower... You don't know how excitted i am to be throwing this for her!!! These are the "cute" invitations, and the reason why i've been MIA for the past few days is bc the projects have begun.... i know she looks at my blog so im debating on showing yall all the precious stuff ive made until after the shower, its mar. 22.