Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our trip to the mall of many exciting things

First we took a ride on the carosel in the food court, i always dread this, i hate going in circles, but Cade loves it of course..
Then we had to take a picture with "BIG" lizard
(notice the look on his face, there was a big allegater to his right in water, so he wanted to make sure he kept his eye on him, i kept telling him its ok, it's JUST PRETEND, so he kept telling me its ok mommy it's JUST PRETEND... so sweet
P.S.S Do u see the book in his hand, we made atrip to the mall bc he loves this book and when he was little he tore the pages out of the other one, but the child reads it everyday, if u don't have it i would recommend getting it, its a cute book, its called I'LL LOVE U FOREVER..