Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonder who he gets his shoe fetish from??????

This evening we headed up to Gama and Gampa's, to visit with Aunt Donna and Great great Gampa who are in visiting, to be here for Daryl's surgery on Friday.  Cade found Gama's new neon yellow Nike Shocks, and had to wear them...  He will walk around for hours in any new shoe, no matter the size.  It's so cute, at least i think it is, but daddy isn't so fond of it because he knows the LOVE i have for shoes.. oopps( and yes his shirt says"I GET MY MUSCLES FROM MY DAD.")

Don't get in my way, mom im busssyyyyyyy!!!!
See ya later guys!!!!!????.......
Hey mom, u think they have these in my size?? i kinda like em!!
Now thats a cute kid:)