Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Today is my birthday, the big 26!!!  Yeah i know not a big milestone, but it was a good one.   I have to admit thought i did enjoy being 25 and could have stayed 25 at least one more year.  Anyway starting Sun. we went over to my in laws and had dinner with a bunch of friends, and did small gifts( i got this big candle that say's "Bless this Home"  in old wire pressed into it, soooo cute.  Then Mon. night my oldest brother had my side of the family over for brauts( my request) and grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans, and CUPCAKES!!!  I've been running every night for the last week, only a mile a night, but when i got done eating my brother Chad, mind u hes a health guru, says to me "well i guess u blew that run outta the water"  thanks bro.........  So today when i got up I had two sweet cards from my hubby, and sweet baby, that just brightened my day!! thanks boys...  
So off to work i went, when i got to work Haley had a cute balloon on my station and gave me a gift card, and Kimberly made me her special cake..... The best white cake eva, and home made icing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And a gift card I LOVE GIFT CARDS!!!  Thanks girls.  And every year certain people text me to say happy birthday, but today i had 15, yes 15 text messages saying happy birthday, thanks ya'll!!!
I actually got off a little early considering it was my latenight, so i text my mother in law to let her know i was on my way, and she said, we're not there, just read the note......  Okkkk so when i got hm to this cute note in cades handwritting , note that cade is only almost two, that said mommy, at gamas pickin weeds be home later, happy birthday  i love u soooooo much........  ahh make me melt.
So i threw on my running shoes and went for my run, i was able to do some laundry, clean a little, shower, and watch american idol, until my sweet boy arrived with this little fake rose from the gas station(i wouldnt care if it was off the side of the road) and handed it to me saying hApPY BIrfDaY MoMMy, I wUv u.  That had to be the best part of my birthday!!!
Thank u everyone for making my birthday special!!!!!!!!!!!