Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where has the time gone, my little cowboy.....

I can not believe yr going to be 2 next Saturday, it doesn't seem possible. I'm so proud of all u can do.
*count to 12 really good, and to 20 some days
*know all your animals and the sounds they make.. even dragon flies
*yr potty training and doing soooo well
*u say please and thank u 
*u can ride yr tri-cycle by yourself
*u can tell me almost everything thats going on in all yr books
*say yr prayers before all meals, and bedtime  ( so precious)
*u have conversations with us all day, make sentences, and say at least 400 words or more, (whats that?) is yr favorite

I could go on and on, you are the sparkle in our eyes , and the light in our hearts, u are so wonderfully made.  U make us proud every single day in all u can do.. mommy and daddy love u more than words can say, Thank u Jesus for blessing us with this beautiful life, that continues to teach how to love more each day!  We love u Cade!

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  1. WOW 2! It is so hard and exciting at the same time to watch them grow. Happy early Birthday swet Cade :)