Friday, May 22, 2009

My new baseball glove!!!!!

This evening we went up to hang out at Gama and Gampa's, and Gampa had bought Cade a new baseball glove and ball, wow was he excitted!!!!  He learned how to hold his glove up to catch it, and STEP and then THROW, he did really well, and the boys got an arm...

Soooo proud of my new glove:)
U play catch with me mommy????
Yeahhhhh i caught it!!!!!!!
My angel and me, takin a break
Then daddy came out, and it was all about  "guy time"
I just had to take some pictures of their property, its so peaceful, and really beautiful..
Sun going down in their backyard

Hope everyone has a safe and restful memorial day weekend!!!!!

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  1. I want to live in the country someday, we are always out looking at land although most of the time its wishfull I cant believe how grown up our boys are! You know in Keller they can start soccer & tball at 3. We are signing Pax up next spring he loves sports! It would be fun if the boys played together :)