Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun day at the park

Since Miss Kenlee has been here, ive tried to go get Kai as much as i can to be of any help, i know i would appreciate it if i had 2 children...  So wednsday Cade and i picked him up around 10am, went to the park for some fun in the sun, and let me tell u they wore me out, i think i pushed them in the swings for 30 min., then it was off to the slides, and over the bridges and under the bridges....  Well after 2 hrs i was pooped, so it was time for lunch, so off course when i asked the what they wanted, they both responded.... MCDONALDS!!!!! So got some chicky nuggets and french fries, and headed to Nana's to eat outside....  After lunch we drew pictures on the sidewalk with some chalk (which was short lived), they want to be in the dirt,or pushin their dump trucks...  go figure??...  And by 3, which was way past nap time, we cleaned up, had a popsicle and called it a day..  But all in all i had a good time hangin with my boys:)

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