Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok so my father in law has found out that he has a small tumor on his brain, they don't know much yet until they get in there and actually see it.  He is a very healthy, fit 51 yr old, and the doctor doesn't think its anything serious, but that they need to remove it off the brain, i don't know to many details, but the surgery is Friday, and it's a 4 to 8 hour surgery, i will be going with my hubby's family to be there with them.  Chad and i know that "God has already healed his dad, and that the tumor is gone in Jesus name",  so im asking if ya'll would stand in prayer with me for him(Daryl), that Gods hands are with those surgeons every step of the way, and that this so called tumor is NOT  cancerous, nor anything that will hinder his life.
                         Thank u for standing with me, ill keep u updated...


  1. Oh Lyndee I am sorry to hear that Daryl has to go threw that. Hopefully they find strength in you and Chads faith. My Prayers are with Chads Family!

  2. Adam and I are praying for ya'll Bird, love ya!!!!!!!!!