Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Potty time

Okay so for the past week or so Cade has been trying to take his diaper off alot. And at first i kept saying
'Cade do not take your diaper off, its dirty in there", until i realized that he doesn't like the "mess" in there touching him. Praise the Lord, he has been going to the bathroom on the Big Boy Potty off and on for 3-4 months, but not consistant, so were goin for it this time!!! This morning i went to Target and got him a seat to put on the potty bc he kept slipping and im over the training potty. Then it was off to the training pants, as u can see he thinks they're soooo cool!! If any of ya'll have any suggestions on how u did it, please let me know???


  1. That is awesome, Paxton will act like he wants to use the potty like momy and daddy and then when I ask him if he wants to give it a try he say "no". Little stinker he will probably be 4 before he is potty trained lol!

  2. Don't pressure him...just let him do it on his own. Kastyn just did it overnight all by herself. She decided it's what she wanted and set her mind to it! I'm sure he'll do the same!