Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tiffany's bracelet #1

I have to share a funny, but not so funny story that happened yesterday... So i get home from work and the hubs is watching tv on the couch, when i turn the corner to see my flowers sitting on the counter from Cade, and immediately my heart is warmed from the thoughtfulness. So as i approach the flowers i see what looks like something from Tiffany's!!!!!! woah hoooooo. Ok Lyndee act calm, don't throw your hands up and start singing, act normal.... But for some reason when i got closer it started to look familiar, like my bracelet i LOST, yes Lost.. Ok first of all i just want to share that im and very particular and responsible with my belongings, so for me to think i had Lost it, was crazy. Well i gave it about 2 months of searching and searching, and searching. So at that point i knew i had to tell my husband(who got it for me) that i had Lost my beloved tiffany's bracelet:( Well when i told him i actually think i got the silent treatment for over 2 days... enough said.....
But as the months approached Christmas i began to write my Christmas list and at the bottom in the sweetest writing i could, i sweetly scribbled "a new tiffany's bracelet"
And believe it or not he got it for me, i think i actually might have done a little dance when i opened it, ok i didn't i screammed!!!!!!!!!!! Ok mind u its been 1 year that its been gone, well when i saw the old one sitting on the counter i thought i might want to sink into the ground for the time being, but instead i so sweetly said ohhh my gosh honey where in the world did u find this?????????
The response: Are u ready for this??.. Um in a tiffany's box, in the safe.... in the Safe Lyndee of all places... Ok sooooooooo like i was saying about me being responsible, i had put it in the box, in the safe last year before we moved so i wouldn't lose it, What are the odds??? So now i have 2, but they're different so i guess ill just keep both??!!!!


  1. Lucky girl:) I love the new layout it looks like you.

  2. Oh yeah I would def be keeping both LOL

  3. AGH! I had this whole long comment typed out and IE lost my comment when I tried to post it. Please email me. The link to my email is on my profile page. Thanks!