Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Cabela's

Oh look, can i go in????

Sittin with daddy in the "hide out"

ohhhh theBIGGGG ELePhant

White Fishhhhhhh????

Yesterday we took a trip to Cabela's, both of my boys favorite place in the whole world. Cade likes to wear croc's in the summer so we needed a new pair, and daddy needed a Cabela's fix. Cade could probably live inside the store, the kid just loves animals, the whole time all i heard was oh a deer, mommy look theres a bear, wowwwww mommy look its a aligator....Daddy look , look , its a fish... he's so smart, yepp thats my boy!!!


  1. OMG.!! That big elephant is amazing.. I will plan to visit Cabela's on coming weekend.