Monday, June 1, 2009

Alicia's wedding & some random cuteness at Gama & Gampa's

Quick pic. on our way to Alicia's wedding, we both look kinda silly, huh??
Sunday we went to Gama and Gampa's so Chad could help them add onto the bAlign Centerack porch, and put a porch on the barn...and u know who got a little fun in the sun
What a cuttie!!!
Align Center

 Finally figured out the remote control dirt bike!!


  1. awww tell Alicia congrats or me! Cade looks so cute inhis little swimmers, I acidently bought girl little swimmers for Paxton. He crys when I try to put them on him because they are hot pinks, he tells me those are for girls lol! Whoops sorry Poops they were 10 bucks so he is going to wear them hahaha!

  2. I love his hair do! he is precious!!!

  3. Your family is SOOOO stinkin adorable. Just wanted to say hello since I found your blog today. :o)