Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding at the Ranch!

Ok girls, the hubs and i are headed to his brothers wedding in Waco tommorow morning, i know ure probably saying the same thing i said Waco??  But its a ranch there and it's beuautiful actually, and we will all be staying Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and coming hm Sunday...  I know we'll have alot of fun, but Cade will be staying with Nana, (my mom) and ive never been away from him more than one night at a time...So my heart is going, pitter-patter, pitter-patter, i know u can all relate, so say a prayer for me would ya?? We've got lots of family in town, so were off to a barbecue, ill have pictures next week..
P.S. were wearing cowboy boots with our dresses, im so excitted, itll be fun, i dont get to bust these out very often, so yeeeh hawww!!!

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  1. I know how your feeling, I left my two kids for the very first time in over three years and it was SOOO hard! After we were gone I had a few moments but in all we needed it. The kids needed it and it made us understand that.

    You guys have fun and yee haww it up with your cowgirl boots on with your dresses. You girls are gonna look HOT! :o) can't wait to see pics.