Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 Things u did not know.....

Don't have a picture for this one, but up until about a year ago i couldn't stand Diet Coke, i was Dr. Pepper girl.... But low and behold, i now LOVE diet coke... I know weird, huh??

When Cade was 6 wks old we had these taken, and it still melts my heart to see this pict of him and his daddy...
Oh pregnancy...... Im sure most of yall didnt know that when i was 7 months pregnant, yes i took a pic. with santa and actually some what resembled him, and i also had braces the whole nine months... seriously.....


  1. I love diet coke, too and I used to hate the taste. Now I drink one a day!
    You were tiny pregnant! So cute!

  2. You make ALL pregnant women jealous! you looked fabulous. :)

  3. So funny, I used to be a Dr. Pepper "addict" too but now I'm the biggest fan of Diet Coke! LOL