Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My prayer warrior:)

I wanted to share a sweet little tid bit from today......  So Cade and i were getting ready to head to the pool with some friends when he looked over at me and realized i had a bruise on the back of my leg..."mommy, u have a booboo??  Oh i guess i do baby, its ok its just a little one.  "Let me pray for it mommy??..? as he came over and layed his precious little hand on my bruise, he says"Thank u Jesus for healing mommies leg....pauseeeeee   Amen. "There mommy its all healed. ( Gulp, sighhhh, thank u baby yr right its all better, and yr an angel)   Life just doesn't get any better does it??  Nope, i'm so proud everyday of this little Godly man we're raising.


  1. So sweet! My little man offered to pray for my back when I told him it was hurting. And he prayed and it was the sweetest thing ever!